Reach Church Mission, Vision & Values


Our vision is to REACH every nation and individual God has placed on our hearts.

REACH out to every man, woman and child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

EXALT Jesus Christ with spirit-inspired praise and worship.

ASSEMBLE a church of many nations.

COMMIT to teach, equip and release dynamic and powerful believers.

HONOR God by serving Jesus Christ, in our church, our city, our nation and the world.



Having each been uniquely created in the image of God, who is Truth. Life Church Parramatta commits to live in Biblical Truth and Integrity in every area of our lives, reflecting His image and character. Truth & Integrity shall be the basis of all our dealings with man and God while recognizing the role of The Holy Spirit as the “Teacher who leads us into all truth” and builds in us a character that reflects God’s image.


Compassion is demonstrated in a practical and emotional recognition of each other. God is love. He expressed that love in the compassionate and ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf. We also are to be compassionate towards others as God enables us.


Reach Church Parramatta is a church with representatives from many nations, cultures and languages. We value the creativity and diversity that this brings. We cherish and honour the co-existence of this multiethnicity in our worship and service to God.


The church of God is one large family which worships God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Trinity is one harmonious family unit with different roles and responsibilities, and interdependency. Reach Church Parramatta values the sanctity of the family unit and shall commit to strengthen families in all its congregations. To this end Reach Church Parramatta commits to provide a safe family environment to all, and shall operate in the family unit model of intergenerational interdependency and honour of a family unit in its dealings with each other as Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers and Sisters.


We believe that we hold in trust for the next generation both what we have and what we have received from prior generations. It is our responsibility to increase what we have in God and to invest into the next generation the necessary values and skills so that they will be wise stewards of God’s riches. Reach Church Parramatta is committed to training and deploying the younger generations to develop them for current and future leadership, ensuring they will commit to training others also in fulfilling God’s call upon their lives.