For secure payments to our churches / ministries, please read the instructions and take note of the number / cause / ministry which your payment / giving is for. Thank you!

Giving Portal

Some areas of ministry you can support are:

Reach Church Parramatta:

1. RCP General Offerings – ID: (1. RCP General)
2. RCP Building Fund – ID: (2. RCP Building)
3. Missions – ID: (3. Missions)
Any Other Giving – ID: (4. Other)


Reach Church Rivo:

A. RCR General Offerings – ID: (A. RCR General)
B. RCR Building Fund – ID: (B. RCR Building)
C. Missions – ID: (C. Missions)
D. Any Other Giving – ID: (D. Other)


L. Lifelinks

For all Lifelinks giving, if you would like a receipt for tax deductibility, please give your name as the ID
eg. ID: (L. YourName) … or just type “Lifelinks” if you don’t require a receipt.

Please make sure you identify your ministry giving.

Please indicate what you are depositing for:

For example:

If you are giving to Parra General Offerings
Type: 1 RCP General

If you are giving to Rivo Building Fund
Type: B. RPR Building

If you are giving to Lifelinks and you would like a receipt, 
Type: L. YourName
If you don’t require a receipt, you can just type “Lifelinks”

Clicking the button takes you to the NAB Secure portal to enter your details.

Please note: Reach Church Parramatta does not collect or store your card details. The link will take you straight to a secure banking portal.